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Monday, August 17, 2009

Twitter Tools for Twitter Backgrounds

There are a number of Twitter Tools one can use to customize your twitter page. The following websites offer free twitter backgrounds templates themes and also free custom designs just for your twitter profile. I like Twitbacks and Tweetbacks because they are easy to use.

1. TwitBacks.com – Great free twitter backgrounds, I created a profile there see http://www.twitter.com/candeepearson

2. TwitterPatterns.com – They offer backgrounds and custom twitter backgrounds.

3. TwitterGallery.com – Easy to install twitter themes

4. Twitterbacks.com – A number of unique backgrounds to choose from.

5. MyTweetSpace.com – We use them also for other twitter accounts it’s free and easy to install themes.

6. FreeTwitterDesigner.com – Great twitter backgrounds and templates all for free.

7. Doctortwitter.com - Youthful images, very modern.

8. Tweetbacks.com - Very elaborate and professional backgrounds...quite nice.

9. Twitterbackgrounds.com - custom, paid backgrounds.

I will keep providing more great Twitter Tools in the upcoming posts. Stay Tuned.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Branding Using a Link Back Blog

By Branding yourself in today's marketplace, you can truly position yourself as an online expert, make lots of sales and have people join your MLM, Network Marketing, or Direct Sales Home Based Business easily.

What is the difference between branding between branding yourself as an expert to create leads versus branding yourself to convert those leads into actual SALES.

There is a BIG difference.

Now, as you've probably heard, a Web-Log (or Blog for short), is a great way to provide quality content to your readers, develop a fan base and ultimately drive traffic to your website by providing a link at the bottom of your post for readers to click on.

But what happens once your lead has now "opted in" to your Marketing Funnel at your Landing Page and is exploring your business and/or product?

Well, there's a good chance that if you are marketing correctly, not only will your leads learn about your business or product on their first visit to your website, but they will also receive Follow Up Autoresponders for several months, inviting them to "link back" to your website so that they can purchase whatever it is you are marketing.

This is standard for any online marketer, however.... what I have found is that a lot of marketers are missing something very powerful, after they collect a lead's name and email address.

Did you know that branding yourself to your existing list of subscribers is just as important, if not more important, than branding yourself to get people to "optin" in the first place.

It's what Aaron Rashkin calls a "Link Back Blog", and it's a Private "Leads Only" page, that is designed to brand "you" to your leads, only after they've opted in to look at your business.

At your Link Back Blog, not only do you want to post valuable content but you also want to post photos, videos and even affiliate links and banners down the side of your page that many of your leads might purchase regardless of whether they buy your primary product or service, or not.

(By using this strategy of monetizing it's possible to make as much as 10,000 EXTRA dollars in a Single Month - passively!)

The purpose of the Link Back Blog is to show that you are a real person and that you are no different than those looking to join you in your business.

Of course, by providing good content, you are also demonstrating that you are the leader that others might be looking for.

So Why is a Link Back Blog So Important?

Because in today's economy and marketplace, people join people who they know, like and trust - not just companies and systems.

Most importantly, at the end of each Link Back Blog post, include a "Link Back" to your Order Form where your lead can purchase your product or service - thus, Link Back Blog.

Because it's one thing to get traffic into your funnel, but it's another to convert it into sales and bottom line commissions.

So, set up a Link Back Blog to show your website visitors and leads exactly who you are. Show your face, your family and your lifestyle. Show vacation photos, family photos and demonstrate that you are a real person helping real people to make real money.

Implement this one simple strategy into your marketing and you too can make a fortune in your MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales Home Based Business.

Happy Marketing!

Candee Pearson


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goal Setting is Essential Before the End of 2009

Because of the importance of the number 9, you may be feeling huge
shifts right now. I certainly have been feeling that and acquiring
new tools for the new economy and preparing for what that might
look like.

"If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts,
liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes." Andrew Carnegie

You want to come up with measureable goals such as how much and by
when? Specifics are really important....vague goals only bring
vague results.

Overall Tips for Goal Setting:

•Be Specific, set a time, how much, what color, make, size etc
•Write it down in DETAIL
•Goals may be out of your comfort zone
•Huge LIFE goal
•Read your goals each day
•Create a special goal wall, book or vision board
•Carry your goals with you
•Create many goals
•Get an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals
For more information on goals both Brian Tracy (www.briantracy.com)
and Jack Canfield (www.jackcanfield.com) have great books and tools
to help achieve your goals!

For more great feng shui tips: www.fivestarfengshui.wordpress.com

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Living on Purpose; Finding Your Personal Mission

A couple weeks ago I went to a talk by Kinglsey Gallup here in Durango titled: Living on Purpose; Finding Your Personal Mission and thought it was excellent.  I wanted to share the information to help you build focus for your future.

Ask yourself… 

What do I love?

And what am I doing about it?

Am I living life freely and with passion?

Is it time to re-boot my dreams?

Time to create a life I love?

Is it time to live truly authentically? 

Time to begin living life on purpose? Time to live a life by design? Are you ready to become intentional about creating a life you love? A Personal Mission Statement is a powerful exercise in channeling all that wonderful passionate and creative energy so that you can live a truly authentic life. 

This is all about intentionality - being intentional about the life you live, rather than simply living a life you’ve been handed. Living an intentional, authentic life is about: 

  • Living your personal Truth

  • Walking in line with your passion

  • Living a life that works for you - not simply resisting against a life you’ve been handed

  • Determining for yourself precisely how you will spend your life force

  • Contributing the very best of you to this world

  • Joyfully creating and living your Highest purpose

  • It’s living a life by design… your personal work of art!

But why write a Mission Statement?

We can travel to a destination without a roadmap, but we will get there so much more effectively – and comfortably - with a roadmap. All too often we head on out before really knowing where we are headed. And we expend so much of our energy, so much of our life force, trying to figure our who we are and where we are headed.

This Mission Statement process is about brining focus to your priorities. Perhaps you already have a sense of what your priorities/values/goals are, but when you really get down to doing this process, you may be surprised by the clarity you find!

Most of us think about the big things we'd like to accomplish in life. But most of us never write them down. If you talk with successful (however you define success), satisfied people, they'll probably tell you they write down their values, goals, and vision for what they want in life. Then they use it as a compass to make it come true.

Some people use "mission," "purpose," and "vision" interchangeably. Others think they describe different things. There is no consensus. You can call it what you like.

A personal mission statement describes how you see yourself in the immediate future. It describes your hopes and dreams. It evokes a sense of achievement and fulfillment.

So, I ask you:

  • Have you ever really thought about the purpose of your life?

  • Have you ever intentionally clarified your values?

  • Do you have such clear goals that they direct all that you do?

Value of Writing a Personal Mission Statement

  • It forces you to think deeply about your life, clarify the purpose of your life, and identify what is really important to you.

  • It forces you to clarify and express succinctly your deepest values and aspirations.

  • It challenges you to take personal leadership over your life.

  • It imprints your values and purposes firmly in your mind so they become a part of you rather than something you only think about occasionally.

  • Integrating your personal mission statement into your weekly planning gives you a way to keep your vision constantly before you.

Developing a personal mission statement.

  • A personal mission statement answers questions like these:


-What do I want from my life? 
-What do I value? 
-What are my talents? 
-At the end of my life, what do I want to have accomplished?

Kingsley also gives 4 templates that you can use to create your mission statement.  This is a great exercise to bring that focus into the utmost clarity to achieve your goals and dreams.

To View the Entire Document:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Low Cost Marketing Tips!

Are You A Little Short On Cash Building Your Business?

Building your home business can truly be a costly one.  Each time you turn around you seem to spend every dollar you have on advertising and not getting ahead in your business.

It basically will nickel and dime you to death.

You really can't get ahead in your business if you have to spend a ton on advertising, especially when you are first starting out.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone could show you basically step by step how you can build your home business without spending a ton of money while doing it?

Well, there is some good news.

I recently came across something that I think will really help your business as it has mine.

It is a videos series by a guy named Mike Dillard called "Building On A Budget".

In these videos Mike shows you how to build any home business for $500 or less.

I took these free videos and purchased his ridiculously low priced book, and within two weeks of applying the techniques he teaches and am now getting as many as 10 new qualified prospects per day. 

The best part is that I did not spend much money while doing it.

Now I have the tools to grow my business without getting nickel and dimed to death.

You can get free access to these videos by going here...


I have learned so much about free marketing!  It is so powerful, all you need is consistency and the success just comes easily!

2009 is the Year to Prepare for the Next Decade!

The number 9 is significant as the most auspicious or lucky number, it represents the completion of one cycle and the beginning of the next.  Thus the year 2009 is really the ideal time to help you prepare for your success.  There are a number of things that you can do to get very clear about what the next decade will look like for you.
  • Meditate or Reflect everyday for 5 minutes about what success looks like
  • Journaling
  • Create a dream or vision board
  • Read inspiring/educational material for 30 minutes everyday
  • Learn new skills 
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Be healthy  i.e. eat well and exercise regularly to keep the stress away

Kip Herriage, CEO Wealth Masters International (WMI) says, "it is my hope that everyone takes advantage of this economic environment and breaks free from your comfort zone...because what it actually represents is your failure zone.  Only when you make the decision to leap into your "achievement zone" will you begin to enjoy life to the fullest possible extent."

I am so excited by this opportunity regarding the education about wealth creation and the marketing skills that are learned and applied through Carbon Copy Pro; it's so easy and broken down into the steps you need to take.

"The largest transfer of wealth in history is taking place right now and you too can be part of it by utilizing all the WMI products, services and education," Karl Bessey, President Wealth Masters International states.

Creating wealth and success is a process, but the more clear and focused that you are, the better. A few ways to get focused are to get rid of your clutter; for more detailed information regarding steps go to http://fivestarfengshui.wordpress.com   There are also cures to bring wealth which include:  keeping toilet seats closed, repairing any leaking water issues, installing windchimes at the front door, putting all collections of change in your abundance corner which is in the back left corner from the entryway of each room or the front door (See Bagua Map).  

Success and wealth are a mindset and are achievable through many avenues, this opportunity through Wealth Masters International is phenomenal: prepare yourself!  For more information http://www.myfivestarfortune.com